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We are here to support the mental health and wellbeing of our healthcare professionals and first responders.

Our highly confidential and accessible telepsychiatry services are unmatched, and we are available to anyone who needs the care we provide.

Mainstream Medicine is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your health is always our top priority.

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Now scheduling in California, Ohio, and New York 

Our goal is to provide you with the psychiatric and mental health support that is confidential and highly personalized.  To do this, and to ensure you receive care of the highest quality, we schedule the initial appointment over the phone.  During this brief conversation, we learn more about you and your preferences.  We partner with you to create a plan that is attainable and meets your individual needs.  We will do our best to accommodate your request by calling you at the preferred time noted in your message below.  Alternatively, we can be reached during regular and/or extended office hours at (330) 858-2340. 

On the 'Third Thursday' of every month, we offer "pay-what-you-can" telepsychiatry appointments to medical trainees, students and first responders in Ohio and New York.


If you are a medical student, resident physician, or first responder and would like to become a Third Thursday patient, please call (330) 858-2340 to schedule your appointment.


We are grateful for your dedication to the health of our communities.  Thank you for your service!

Anonymous, supportive peer discussion groups are coming soon! Please stay tuned and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Our mission is to advocate for and provide easy access to truly confidential mental health care and nonclinical support. We are built to transcend the many barriers that prevent people from seeking the help they need. In particular, but not exclusively, we are here to support the people who are directly responsible for the health and safety of our communities, but who have higher need for and less access to care: first responders, medical trainees, physicians, and nurses.


Advocacy, education, stigma reduction, and safe access to mental health care are our immediate goals, but our long-term vision is to effect real progress in the United States healthcare system. By delivering high-quality care and support with humanistic motives and on a national scale, we intend to demonstrate that there truly is a way to rehumanize medicine - to shift the priority from profits to people - for the wellbeing of everyone living in our beautiful nation.

Rehumanize healthcare.

As website development continues and we advance in our clinical launch, we will unveil our mission in motion. We will formally introduce our founding team, begin virtual discussion groups, and present new volunteer and employment opportunities.

Never miss an update - help us disrupt the healthcare status quo by joining our ranks.


Phase I:

Our services are now available in Ohio, California, and New York!

Coming Soon:

Illinois, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia

Psychiatric Care & Counseling


Truly attainable care: highly confidential, low-cost, evidence-based, remotely accessible, and delivered with empathy.


Discussion Groups


Supportive group discussions between colleagues at the same stage of career: evidence-based and anonymous.

Stigma Reduction


Demystifying mental illness and promoting unbiased treatment of those living with mental illness, irrespective of socioeconomic circumstances.

In Progress:

No-strings Pharmacy


Off-the-grid access to essential medications: circumvention of corporate middlemen to allow price transparency, affordability, and genuine protection of your private information.